Individual libraries

Furniture manufacturer with its own program’s know the specifics of their own product lines: the interplay of shapes, sizes and connections logic often requires a special expertise in sales talk and planning. By using custom furniture libraries and predefined product combinations Easy2D enables the user to plan around complex furniture and products thus creating the right "look and feel" with many different brand products and philosophies.

Why individual libraries?

The prospective client interested in your products will view your full range. The result of his planning dreams or ideas will correspond to the compatibility of your product range. The product logic unique to Easy2D will avert any potential mistakes made by the planner literally making it fool proof for anyone to use in an interactive playful, creative yet personalized way.

The advantages of individual libraries are to:
• Generate qualified leads for sales (see benchmark VWR 300 leads per month!)
• More efficient use for your professional plans through the "refinement" of the layout draft from the customer
• Easy2D allows a visual exchange of space planning on a common platform
• Integration the customer in the planning process avoids any complaints or complications
• Option for 3D planning of the same database is already created in Easy2D
• Immediate access to plans and prompt processing of any queries
• Integration of Easy2D into planning workflows in the quotations process

Easy2D is suitable for many industries and product categories.

It is obvious that the principle of lead and contact generation works in various industries.
What is becoming increasingly standard in furniture industry becomes more interesting in other markets such as technical products like laboratories etc.

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